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Modern weddings have taken on a whole new dimension from the formal ceremony and receptions of old. These days, a wedding is much more exciting! Apart from hiring a professional Toronto DJ to provide musical entertainment, you can also rely on him to have a few wedding game ideas to help entertain your guests on your special day.

Wedding games are becoming particularly important, and provide a fun and humoristic element to this beautiful occasion. Speak to Surround Sound DJ about your wedding games ideas and let him give you some input from his experience. Including all the guests in the entertainment is the key to a successful wedding reception. Surround Sound DJ will help you find the best wedding games and recommend the best times to play each game around the dinner time and other important aspects of your schedule.

Ask Your DJ to Provide Wedding Game Ideas

You already have a lot on your plate organizing your wedding, so don’t waste your time looking for wedding game ideas. Surround Sound DJ is a professional Toronto DJ who works weddings every weekend and has a whole bunch of wedding game ideas to choose from.

Popular Wedding Game Ideas

Here are some of the most popular wedding game ideas that couples ask for:

Anniversary Dance – Recognize the married couples at your reception as you embark on your own journey of wedded bliss with this fun wedding game. After the first dance, invite the couples who have been married for 1-5 years for the next song. Then invite those who have been married for 6-10 years, etc. until the dance floor is full, before opening up to everyone.

Oldest / Newest Couple Dance – After the anniversary dance, find the couple who has been married the longest. Ask them to give the newlyweds some marital advice before letting the older couple dance with the new couple to a romantic song such as “At Last” by Etta James. The rest of the room can join in halfway through.

Kissing Game – The DJ will ask the bride and groom for the names of a few couples. During the reception, he will call out the names and make them kiss. The newlyweds have to copy the same kiss.

Who’s My Husband? – The bride is blindfolded and turned to face several men sitting in chairs. She has to find her husband by touching their faces only.

Couples Trivia – A nice game to play right through the reception, the DJ can call out questions about the bride and groom (answers to which they have provided upfront). Prizes can include anything from centerpieces to wedding favors, or having their tables released for dinner first.

Wedding Shoe Game – The DJ will get the bride and groom to sit back to back, and take of and give each other one of their shoes. They will each have one of their own, and one of their loved one’s shoes. Your Toronto DJ will proceed to ask trivia questions about the couple, which they will answer, and the guests will have a blast finding out the truth and seeing everything on which they disagree.

Other popular games include Garter the Gander, Cherry on a String and many, many more. Providing wedding games will certainly keep your guests entertained throughout the wedding reception.

Not Just Wedding Games Ideas

Surround Sound DJ doesn’t only provide awesome entertainment in the form of wedding game ideas, but provides high quality Master of Ceremonies services for weddings, sweet 16 parties, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvahs, corporate functions, baptisms, and much more.

Services include video DJ dance services and music from any genre you require to make your function an event to be remembered for years to come. Other services provided by Surround Sound DJ include club and corporate DJ services with the aim to keep your guests, employees or clients entertained all night long.

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