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It your special wedding day and you have planned for months to make your day absolutely perfect. Everything is in place, things like limousines, wedding photographers, the wedding cake; the banquet hall is all ready along with the wedding DJ. But what if something went wrong? What if the limousine got a flat tire? What if the wedding photographer could not make it out to the bride’s and groom’s home in the morning for pictures? What about the wedding DJ, what if he/she is not at the reception all setup and ready to perform at the banquet hall?

Important about the DJ is, that without the DJ you potentially risk losing the entertainment for the evening as well as losing the emcee, a focal point at the reception. So what are some things to look for when deciding to choose a wedding DJ and what pitfalls to look for to not get stuck when depending on a wedding DJ. First off, see how he/she conducts themselves when they plan to meet with you prior to you making a decision. If they conduct themselves professionally, then that is a good sign that they will conduct themselves on the actual working day, which is your wedding day. Another pitfall to avoid is to not allow yourselves to make a full payment prior to the wedding. There should be no reason to do this, so simply don’t!

A third pitfall is to filter through the DJs that are full or promises, that they can offer you this and that, most likely they cannot, so find someone that deep down in your gut you feel good about. With Surround Sound DJ, we will never ask for the full amount of money up front, as a matter of fact, we guarantee that you will be so happy with our service; we encourage you to try us out for your wedding day. We conduct ourselves with class and professionalism prior to your special event and especially during the joyous occasion.

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