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Everyone knows what a DJ is, but a VJ is a relatively new concept, which is currently taking the world by storm. Toronto nightlife is being revolutionized by the concept of video DJ dance services. Here at Surround Sound DJ, we provide a range of master of ceremony services, which includes DJs and VJs. Video Jockeys play video to accompany their audio tracks, similar to how it is done in nightclubs. When you hire a mobile VJ from Surround Sound DJ, your disc jockey will provide this service on a somewhat smaller scale.

Why Hire a Video DJ?

When you’re hosting a corporate event, sweet 16th, 21st, engagement party, bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah, wedding or anniversary, you should definitely consider hiring a video DJ. It takes the dance party to a whole new level and will make sure your event is the talk of the town for years to come.

Video DJ Dance Options

With a huge repertoire of tracks, your video DJ can attach just about any video clips to the music. This is particularly handy for weddings.

Instead of just playing the standard music videos, you can be more creative with it. Speak to your video DJ about adding your own personal videos over some of the songs in your playlist. Imagine:

● playing a video of your own love story over the song that you use for your first dance.
● a video depicting the special moments shared over the years at your 20th wedding anniversary.
● a video showing your daughter’s life from birth until her 21st birthday party.

You can include any videos that hold meaning for your loved ones and friends over the perfect song for the occasion to tug at the heart strings of your guests. It is also a beautiful and memorable gift for the person or couple who are being celebrated at the event.

If you’re hosting a dance that will last a number of hours, you will probably only use custom video occasionally. Don’t fear that the video DJ will play the same videos over and over. Surround Sound DJ’s and video DJs have a massive stock video library that will contribute to the atmosphere of the music. They will alternate some of their own creations with original music videos for the ultimate audiovisual experience.

Video DJ Dance Services

When hosting a dance party, you should consider the ambiance that you wish to portray. For weddings, you may opt for something more subtle, while a 21st birthday party will need something more energetic and vibrant.

Speak to your video DJ well in advance, and provide him with all the videos in the format he requests. He will happily consult with you to find the best video clips to work with the songs you choose to create the right message.

Video DJs thrive in a boisterous and loud atmosphere and know how to make the party even better. They will interact with the crowds and take requests, just like standard disk jockeys. Between the video feeds and the awesome dance music that combines 70s, 80s and 90s classics to modern chart toppers, the room will be bustling all night long.

Surround Sound Video DJs

When you hire a video DJ from Surround Sound DJ, you can rest assured that the video DJ equipment stands out from any other in Toronto. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can make your party memorable.

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