What you should know about hiring a wedding DJ Surround Sound DJ

Ah, that special day. You’re going to walk up that aisle wearing the poofy white dress and say your vows to the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Oh, so romantic. Planning a wedding, though, can be the anthesis of romance, which is why when you’re choosing a wedding DJ, you want to be prepared to find the perfect DJ for your wedding – and all special occasions!

How Do I Find The Perfect Wedding DJ?

First things first, you two: do your research. Check out what the “standard” cost of a DJ in your area is so you know what to expect to pay while going into it. I mean, what’s a wedding without a DJ? (answer: not great)

Once you have a ballpark idea of what your wedding DJ will cost, decide if you want to go the economical route or to pay more, assuming that the quality will be different. It may not be.

Arrange meetings with at least three DJ’s in order to meet them, get a feel for their personality, and decided if your personality will gel with the DJ’s. Music is an important component to a wedding; you want yours to be spectacular!

Bring a list of questions to each appointment with your DJ’s so that you can compare answers later. If you find one of the DJ’s to be off-putting or particularly pushy, you can always make a note of that.

Ask about cost upfront and make sure you know what the money will buy you. Will it buy lighting? How many hours of music? Will the DJ bring a photobooth with?

If you have a list of “DO NOT PLAY” songs (Funky Chicken, anyone?) make certain your DJ will honor YOUR wishes, and not the wishes of other people who may request these songs. After all, this is YOUR dream day!

Your dream wedding is always made more memorable by having a tremendous DJ who can help you dance the happiest night of your life away.

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