Special occasions are meant to be celebrated and for many years,Surround Sound DJ has been dedicated to making these special occasions truly spectacular. Be it a birthday, baptism, wedding, or a corporate party, we will make your event something to be remembered for a long time.

Trendy party organizers around the world know how to make their events more exciting and lively by having the entire event conducted by a DJ, playing the greatest and latest music. Your private event or party is our priority when you call us for a DJ. At Surround Sound DJ, we have some of the most talented DJs from different parts of the world with specialized skills for different occasions. We can also supply the most stunning props to add that extra special touch to your celebration whether you prefer dry ice, large party dice, disco balls, or megaphones. We will help you arrange music and props and even emcee your event for a party that your guests will remember for weeks.

There are many DJs offering DJ services in and around Toronto, but none can claim the service standard offered by Surround Sound DJ. We use only the most state-of-the-art equipment, which has changed the concept of partying in recent years, because only the best of it just for you, our valued client.

What better way to celebrate life’s great events than by throwing a party with lots of mouth watering food, company of dear ones, lots of drinks, foot tapping music, and entertainment? Surround Sound DJ will provide you music and entertainment that you can truly be proud of. Call us at 416 274-6174 before your next home or office party.