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Wedding DJ Services

Weddings are a fundamental part of life; it is the one time in a person’s life where they can strive towards a big moment and truly be spoiled with so many of the things that go towards making a wedding truly enjoyable.

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Surround Sound DJ
Corporate Events

If you are deciding to have a corporate function, which could include anything from a corporate Christmas party, to an annual fundraiser, the need to provide entertainment to your guests, co-workers and colleagues is a must.

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Surround Sound
Private Events

An event or party is something that celebrates a particular moment in someone’s or something’s life as an occasion. It is also a time to have a DJ come and make your celebration more exciting and enjoyable.

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Surround Sound DJ has been dedicated to turning special occasions into memorable experiences that will be the talk of the town for years to come. We take care of the entertainment, while our clients spend time with their loved ones.

From smaller birthday parties to large corporate events or social galas, Surround Sound DJ can provide you the with the best entertainment in Toronto at a price that you can easily afford. Be it a birthday, baptism, wedding, or a corporate party, we will work with you to discuss your needs and make your event absolutely amazing.

With the growing market demand for DJs, you can find many DJ services in and around Toronto. However, none can match the service standard offered by Surround Sound DJ. We use only the most advanced equipment amongst all DJ services in the town.

State of the art equipment and modern technology has completely changed the concept of partying in recent years, and the success of your party is our business.

All-Inclusive DJ Service

Join the most successful party organizers around the world who rely on the DJ to conduct the entire event. This provides a seamless entertainment experience, and allows the DJ to truly make your party stand out as the event of the year.

We can provide you with the most stunning props to add color and blitz to your celebration, including dry ice, large party dice, disco balls, megaphones, and much more. We can help you arrange the music and the props to make a party or an event truly memorable.

At Surround Sound DJ, we have some of the most talented DJs from different parts of the world, with specialized skills for different occasions and they playing the greatest and latest music.

A party with mouth-watering food, the company of dear ones and free flowing drinks is great, but when you infuse it with foot tapping music and entertainment, you have a celebration. Surround Sound DJ will provide the music and entertainment you need to make your party a memorable one. Call us at 416 274-6174 before your next home or office party.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

— William Shakespeare



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