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If you’re charged with arranging a stag or doe party, you had better make it awesome. Your whole social group is basically relying on you to give the bride or groom a night that they will remember forever. Getting married is a big decision, and you can bet your bottom dollar your friend has been under major pressure, trying to arrange the wedding and wondering whether they have made the right decision. Now your job is to make them forget about decisions, stress, arrangements and the future for a few hours.

Let’s face it, a stag or doe party generally involves quite a bit of liquor, so you don’t want to leave the music to just anyone. Be a friend and hire a professional stag or doe party DJ. When a professional is in charge of the music, you know that the party won’t be interrupted by technical mishaps, or Adele’s “Someone like you” played on repeat…

Entertainment in the form of games, and so forth should also be planned ahead of time, rather than spur of the moment. Surround Sound DJ provides DJ services that include entertainment. Stag and doe party games are also popular, as are pranks. Fancy dress is usually the most common, and to add fun, only the stag or doe should be dressed up and taken out in public. Dressing him in a short dress and apron, complete with a duster and make-up is a real hoot. However, the DJ can also provide other fun games to make the night one for the books.

Doe parties are generally somewhat less rowdy, but music is still a must. This is no problem for a Surround Sound DJ who specialises in stag or doe parties. If you want a female DJ for your doe party, we can arrange that too. Our doe party DJ will ensure that your friend’s last party of her own is one to remember forever. Make this last opportunity to let loose before she steps over the threshold into married life memorable for her too.

Surround Sound DJ’s stag or doe party DJs know how to make your party as entertaining as you can handle. They offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Discuss your itinerary with them and let them know the type of music you want and the atmosphere you wish to set and leave the rest to them.

Make the evening even more special by asking your video DJ to play a custom video of the couple’s special moments, from when they first got together to as recent as possible. This is sure to leave no dry eye in the room and will ensure that the happy couple loves you forever. It will also help erase any doubts about spending the rest of their lives together after taking the big step of committing to love one another till death do us part.

Trust Surround Sound DJ’s stag or doe party DJ services to provide a full range of musical entertainment. Each DJ is equipped with a huge selection of top music from all the different genres. Whether you want romantic love songs, party music or the latest top 40 hits, we have it all, along with the special effects, lighting and everything else that goes with it.

Surround Sound DJ serves clients who host stag or doe parties in the Greater Toronto Area, including downtown Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Durham Region, Thornhill and Mississauga. We also cater a variety of other events, such as weddings, birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, baptism, corporate events, and much more.

We will discuss your requirements with you and go the extra mile to meet them. It is our aim to provide the best stag or doe party DJ services in all of Toronto and surrounds.

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