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DJs can expand their playing forum to global proportions. They can produce music locally, in the comfort of their studios, have a promoter push it to the mainstream, and depending on how successful the track may be, can be a smash hit in a country half a world away. And with the chance of a song reaching a global audience, a DJ can become an international phenom and be a household name throughout the music world.

Now, in order to become a world-renown international DJ, the reach of the DJ is best done through the production of a successful track, album or a performance. It cannot be done by playing at local wedding in Toronto, baptisms, bar mitzvahs or corporate functions, however, depending on the desire of the DJ. There are DJs that are content on playing local parties to make a living, and then there are those DJs that vision becoming international names, the likes of those artists that become international phenomenons. International DJs also have the luxury to be able to travel the world to learn to styles, new cultures that they can integrate into their music styles themselves.

International DJs can also cross borders from Canada into the US and still be considered international DJs. Some of the household DJs that are international phenoms include: DJ Tiesto, Armand Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox and Roger Sanchez, DJ Baruch. These DJs made an international splash and continue to make international head waves by continuing to make great music, be great show stoppers and to understand what the international culture desires to be able to cater their music and styles to the audience that they are targeting.

Surround Sound DJ as aspired to reach great lengths, the likes of which have already been achieved by great DJs that have been listed above. These DJs did by producing great music, having promoters push their product globally and by having the DJs be able to play in front of large concert size audiences to become even more internationally renowned.

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