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Let’s stop for a moment to understand that a Disc Jockey also known as a DJ performs on an open form by playing music for many different opportunities. There is the opportunity to play for a wedding in Toronto, a baptism, a bar mitzvah and for a corporate function and social gala. As well, a disc jockey is also someone that plays in front of large audiences and does so in a venue such as a night club, concert hall and to even greater lengths does so on live TV, live radio and web TV.

A disc jockey gets their name by historically spinning discs which many years ago were solely records, and that name was derived by stating that the shape of a record is similar to that of a disc. A disc jockey has since been condensed to form an acronym that is commonly used throughout the music world. Disc jockeys are required to be able to play many genres of music if they are playing a Toronto wedding, for example, and they are also expected to have a great variety of top 40 music when it is time for them to play at a corporate function, social gala and many other party celebrations that they are required to have multiple genres of music at their disposal.

Surround Sound DJ services offers all the standard disc jockey services that you require for that special summer wedding, school prom or school dance celebration. They understand what is required to fulfill the demands of the party crowd, or in the case of a corporate party or wedding in Toronto, the employees and guests respectively need to be able to dance the night away with the latest and greatest songs playing on the radio today.

So the next time you are looking to have a disc jockey play at your Toronto wedding, corporate function and social gala remember to hire the disc jockey services of Surround Sound DJ. They know what it takes to get the crowd up and dancing, and that is through the playing of the latest and greatest top 40 songs and a wide variety of genres to cater to all the guests at the various parties.

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