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Toronto’s weather does not lend residents with many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, so when good summer weather rolls around, companies try to take advantage of the summer months by hosting company picnics. Summer is a great time to entertain summer associates, interns, corporate groups and clients in fresh air. Whether you’re hosting a team-building function, company gathering or corporate picnic, Surround Sound DJ offers fantastic services to keep your guests entertained.

A long-standing tradition, everyone loves corporate picnics. However, the modern corporate picnic takes on a modern twist, complete with professional DJs, games and professional catering. Although many people use the term picnic loosely these days, and include almost any event held in the outdoors, including company potlucks or barbecues. Therefore, the most important consideration, is the venue.

Corporate Picnic DJ’s Top Venues

With a beautiful landscape, Toronto is a great place for corporate picnics. The city has public parks, waterfront picnic locations, forested recreational spots and prime parks from which you can take your pick.

Choosing the right venue is the key to setting the right ambiance from the moment your first guests arrive. When you look at venues, consider ease of access and parking, access to picnic tables and the quality of the scenery and the amount of privacy you require in the public park.

Of course, having a corporate picnic DJ from Surround Sound DJ welcoming your guests, will go a long way to setting up the right atmosphere.

Here are some of the best venues:

● Sherbourne Common is a treatment facility that doubles as a grassy park, spanning two city blocks. The park is on the waterfront.
● Toronto Zoo is a great venue for corporate picnics that welcome the whole family.
● Sugar Beach is a one-of-a-kind urban beach, complete with grassy hills, bright umbrellas and even a promenade.

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, you may opt for a restaurant with outdoors seating areas, such as large patios or lawns where you can set up tables.

Please Note: Surround Sound DJ is in no way affiliated with these venues, and we request that clients kindly arrange any permits required to host picnics and use DJ services in their preferred location.

Corporate Picnic DJ Services

A corporate picnic requires careful planning, particularly if the family will be invited, and even more so if employees will be indisposed in training and other activities for some part of the day. As an event planner, you are responsible for considering the ages of all the guests, and provide sufficient entertainment for everyone.

This is where a corporate picnic DJ comes in very handy. Surround Sound DJs are more than just accomplished, professional disc jockeys. They are entertainers, first and foremost and talented at making the day interactive. While employees will gravitate towards forming small groups, the DJs are skilled at keeping the vibe going at your event to ensure each guest is having the best time.

With the right mix of entertainment, you will cater to guests of all ages, as well as singles, who will otherwise feel uneasy at family-oriented events.

Corporate Picnic DJs and Master of Ceremonies

Part of the fun of a corporate picnic, is party games, as they provide a great opportunity for all the employees from different departments to mix on a social level. These casual interactions can help forge work friendships that help your company’s team building efforts.

Having entertained and MCed hundreds of events, your corporate picnic DJ from Surround Sound DJ knows how to read the crowd and to get the party started.

From entertaining the kids with disco and party games, to closing a successful corporate picnic with a dance party at night, your Surround Sound DJ will never tire from providing top class entertainment.

When you’re planning your next company social, get in touch with Surround Sound DJ.

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