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Have you ever taken the time to think about how many songs there are produced in the world? According to the Gracenote Music Database, and this is an approximation, there are 97,206,484 songs ever produced. With that many songs, the variety of genres is enormous, from rock, classic, country music, dance music, hip-hop and rap music. With each of these genres, there are categories within the genres, such as pop is a form of rock, though softer, as is adult contemporary is also a form of rock, only softer. There is R&B which a form of soul music, so there is a huge variety of music that you can choose from when deciding on what music suits a mood, an event such as a wedding or corporate event in Toronto.

One DJ company that has a huge collection of music in there database is Surround Sound DJ, having songs from every genre of music from all over the world. It is this collection of music that will have you dancing and enjoying your occasion all night long. From classic, to dance, to hip hop to top 40 to the latest and greatest music, Surround Sound DJ services will play this music for your wedding in Toronto, corporate events and high school prom services.

Surround Sound DJ also provides you with many services where they will play great selection of music such as wedding DJ services, they also provide you with club DJ services and corporate DJ services for a private function where you will be treated to a high quality DJ service, full of entertainment and enjoyable for all the guests all night long. Surround Sound DJ provides services in Toronto and the GTA with DJ services, compilation music and equipment preparation, from best headphones, lighting, extra add-ons such as effects, sound effects and so much more.

Surround Sound DJ will provide you with the right type of DJ services with the ability to make your occasion be filled with the entertainment that you are looking for. Servicing the Toronto area, including Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, the Durham Region and the southern Ontario region. Other areas where Surround Sound DJ will entertain you includes providing you with bar mitzvah and bat mitzvahs, baptisms, private sweet 16 parties and so much more.

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