When you’re arranging an event in Hamilton, you have to consider many different aspects of the function. Every event will demand its own special set of arrangements. From looking for a venue, to creating menus and sorting out the decor, there is so much to do and delegate, that it’s easy to forget to hire a Hamilton DJ. That’s why it is important to make that the first thing you do once you have set a date and booked a venue. Once you have put down your deposits, get in touch with Surround Sound DJ to book your Hamilton DJ service for the day.

There are many Hamilton DJs to choose from, many locals DJs who have grown up in the area and basically just gravitated towards the music scene. You need to choose the kind of DJ you’re looking for. Surround Sound DJ has a variety of professional and talented DJs that have plenty experience in handling all kinds of functions, from high school proms to birthday parties and from corporate events to weddings.

Surround Sound DJ’s Hamilton DJs have a level of skill that you won’t find just anywhere. Most of them have been DJs for five or more years and also have international experience. They know both the club scene, and can easily tune into the right atmosphere for a more formal function, like a wedding or a corporate function. We also offer Master of Ceremonies services for corporate and other events.

Our Hamilton DJs are skilled in the art of entertaining your guests and getting them on their feet when it’s time to dance the night away. From requests and dedications to games, our Hamilton DJs do it all. Their main function and goal is to ensure that your guests have the best party ever and that you remember it for the rest of your life.

When planning a New Year’s Eve party, you can’t go wrong hiring a Hamilton DJ from Surround Sound DJ. We service all of the Greater Toronto Area, including Oakville, Etobicoke, Thornhill Mississauga, Scarborough, Hamilton and more. With a focus on unmatched service excellence, we strive to surpass all your expectations.

Our Hamilton DJ will arrive at your event at least an hour ahead of schedule to set up the DJ booth, ligting, video screens, special effects and more. By the time your guests arrive, we will already know exactly what mood you want to set, what songs you want him to play and any special infomation regarding how you want the night to flow.

Surround Sound DJ stays on the cutting edge of industry trends. Our DJs are fantastic at reading crowds and they have a wealth of music at their disposal to ensure you get just what you’re looking for. Always in demand, they have handled some of the biggest events in Toronto and often travel further afield to perform at international events. Whether you’re into sound effects, special effects, lighting, or custom video playing over all time hits, we have it all. Be sure to specify exactly what you’re looking for when you book and we will ensure that we send the right DJ with all the right equipment. Your Hamilton DJ will meet with you before the event to discuss the itinerary.

A great party is not only about a gathering of fun people. A good party takes meticulous planning and it requires that you make good decisions. An oversight on the food or drinks can be forgiven, but your entertainment will be remembered. You can have a jukebox, but that only plays music. If you want to make the greatest possible impact on the success of your party, you need to get in touch with Surround Sound DJ.

Take the time to book an experienced Hamilton DJ for your next event, whether it is a wedding, a high school prom, a 21st birthday bash or a baptism.