Choose from 2 awesome lighting packages:

Intelligent lighting (robotic moving heads)

The intelligent lighting system comes with a minimum of 2 robotic moving heads placed on an illuminated LED lighting truss. Operated by a control panel, this is the only lighting system you need that can do almost anything!

Some key features:

  • Used as a spotlight. (Great of grand entrances, speeches by the podium, slow dances, cake cutting, and more)
  • Subtle patterns for dance. (Easy patterns and colours that give an energizing yet elegant vibe)
  • ​Flashy patterns for dance. (Club like feel with strobe and other party patterns)
  • Display rotating floral patters on the wall. (Great for cocktail and dinner)

LED + Laser

The LED and Laser lighting package is a combination of 3 different lighting systems on one stand. You get a heavy dose of multicolour, flashy, nightclub-like vibes for your dance-floor. If you’re going for a non-stop party like theme, this is the package for you.

The most influential effect you need! Dance-floor lighting will ultimately take your party to a whole new level. We provide LED, Laser and Intelligent dance-floor lighting systems to cater any theme you’re going for. Lighting is the biggest recommendation we give, because we know how much of an impact it gives.