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Beat mixing, also known as beat matching, involves a DJ blending tracks and creating a unique version of songs. It involves using a mixer and CD players or turntables to match and mix pre-recorded songs and all the while maintaining constant beats. A disc jockey can use this art to create a new version or sound not as the original artist had intended. If you are a new disc jockey or are looking for a way to improve your beat mixing skills you need to know where you can learn those skills. Here are some suggestions on places where you can go from Surround Sound DJ .


Obviously for those who are old enough. Visiting a nightclub(s) and watching the disc jockey from a distance would really help. Tip: do not reveal that you want to be a mixer until after the night is over. If they know you are watching they may feel intimidated and spin differently from their usual. Raves can also offer an opportunity to observe world-class disc jockeys in action. You can also try nightclub parties and afterhours.

Getting a job in your area of interest is a great way to learn on the job and acquire new skills. Some of these companies will be looking for new talent and will be happy to train you in beat matching and formatting, as long as they can see you grow your skills.

Local Record Stores

You can visit a local record store that sells DJ vinyl. Some of these stores may have a disc jockey mix set-up with different professionals playing on the decks, so ask for tips and watch and learn all you can. They will be happy to help.


You can seek a job as a light-jock at a nightclub. Be ready to get low pay though, but you can watch more experienced entertainers in action and know what pleases crowds and what doesn’t. Off hours (daytime) will be the perfect opportunity for you to practice on the turntables.

Read and Watch

There are a number of books you can read that will help you learn more on the art of beat matching. Most are illustrated, so you will have no trouble identifying the equipment illustrated and that in real life. Watch instructional disc jockey videos that might be found at a local record store. They can be really helpful and can teach you the new and creative ways to mix appropriately. The Internet is a great place to start. All the best in your DJ beat mixing skill searching!

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